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A new healthier you, starts now!

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Are you suffering from Chronic Illnesses? Do you want your life back, the one you had before all the medical issues began? Maybe you've had a Heart Attack and you want to protect yourself from ever having another. Maybe you want to lower your High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol. Maybe you have Digestive Issues (GERD/IBS) that you want permanent relief from. Maybe you suffer from Diabetes? Maybe you want to get off all the Medications and eliminate the Side Effects? Maybe you want to Lose the Excess Fat and keep it off forever. Maybe you feel pretty good but you want to Improve and Optimize your Overall Health and protect yourself from Chronic Disease. Maybe you want to be able to do the Physical things you used to do before. Maybe you want to be here for your loved ones and stay active with them. We are here to help you achieve Optimal Health and freedom from Chronic Disease. Ending the progression of Disease and Complete Reversal is our goal for you and can be achieved. It’s never too early or too late to start working on Optimal Health and Healing. Get your life back and take control of your health today!  


Hi, I'm Arthur.

Following an increase of ailments over a 10yr period, at the age of 42, I experienced my first heart attack. My life was much the same as anyone else’s, a lifestyle leading to chronic disease and poor health that’s keeping us all sick. Words cannot describe the fear, disappointment and frustrations I felt when I had my heart attack. Three years of trying and failing and doing everything the experts told me to do. Yes, I'll admit, I had my shortcomings too, falling off the “program” and back into unhealthy habits, but the “system” is what truly failed me most. I was 90 pounds overweight at my heaviest. The months prior to my heart attack, I had lost 25 pounds, was eating the healthiest I had eaten in 10 years, working out every day and twice a week with a personal trainer. None of it worked! After my heart attack, I began a long journey to finding the true cause of my disease. To focus on what brought me to such poor health and to buck the common treatment systems of symptom relief and invasive procedures. I wasn’t going to settle with “managing” my symptoms. I wasn’t going to accept the diagnosis that I would now have to live the rest of my life popping pills while the progression of my heart disease continued uninterrupted. The fear of knowing one day I would have another heart attack, (in spite of my following “their” recommendations) was very unsettling to me. That was not living, that was no future, no hope! My goal, was to find the causation of my ailments and therefore find the cure. My photo speaks a thousand words and is only one beautiful side effect of the CURE. At the time of my heart attack, I was suffering from 22 ailments, had low energy and had little interest in doing much of anything. Today I live with ZERO ailments, off all the medications, have the energy of my 19-year-old nephew and have made myself heart attack proof. The work we’ve done has paid off and we now want to help others obtain the same results. The prevention and reversal of chronic disease is possible! Get my full story here. 

  • American Collage of Lifestyle Medicine - Certified Health Coach
  • Cornell University - Certified Nutritionist 

Get your free copy!

This free report will educate you about the true cause of decease and poor health. It's our belief that once you understand the root problem and that you're not broken, and it's not your fault, you'll become empowered to take action. Blame is not a motivator and likely just drives us to do more of the unhealthy things we do to ourselves. Understanding why our mind drives (craves) the things that harm us and how outside influences fuel our beliefs, is in my opinion, one of the first steps to optimal health and healing.


What can you achieve?

Whether it's weight loss, heart disease, diabetes, chronic disease, or you just want to feel better, we will help you get there! I've always felt that to be successful at anything, you simply need to gain knowledge from the experts and implement that knowledge. Later in life I learned as well the importance of ongoing support from those experts. We're here to help you achieve your optimum health through one-on-one coaching, education, planning and continuing support. We know you can do this! Your health and happiness await.

What you can expect

We'll sit down for coffee, lunch, or a simple phone call to chat about you, your story, and what your goals are. This time is spent getting to know you better and to see if you are a good fit for one of our coaching and support programs. We also want you to have an opportunity to get to know us better as well. It's important to us that we both feel we are a good fit for one another. Prior to our meeting, we'll send you an action list and Q&A form to fill out. A list of things to bring with you to our meeting or call. If we both feel we're a good fit for one another, we'll have a preliminary discussion about a plan of action and rates. We'll then enter Stage 1 and give you your first action plan to implement right away. While you're taking those actions, we'll work on a personalized step-by-step plan and have that to you by the end of week one.

What we expect

If you qualify for one of our programs, we expect 100% participation from you. We do not want to waste your time or money and to be honest we only want to work with people who feel they have a life to regain from our help. It's our goal to get you healthy and place you in a new lifestyle that will keep you healthy for decades to come. We sincerely care about you and want you to succeed. We will support you all the way, but at the end of the day, you will need to do one simple thing. Implement the things we teach you. You're not alone in this and we do understand the challenges that come with lifestyle changes... especially when it comes to health and nutritional changes. Simply copy and paste what we teach you, and you will be successful. We do not plan for failure. There is no "Plan B" here. You can do this! You do the work and it will work for you.

Why work with us

It's simple really. My wife and I have been where you are now. We've been on all the diet plans, all the exercise plans. We've taken all the supplements and special drinks. We've suffered from countless illnesses including a heart attack, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cancer, IBS, GERD, endometriosis, obesity, diabetes, chronic fatigue, countless doctors and procedures. We've studied and worked with many experts and scientists in the field of nutritional science and health, and hold certifications in those fields as well. We then experienced the results of applying that knowledge to our own lives. Now we live a life free from prescription drugs and chronic disease. We've lost 180 pounds between us and truly are in the best shape of our lives. We've turned back time on our health and have added decades to our lives. You will do the same!

Don't put this off! I did and it nearly cost me my life!

Take action now. You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain. A wealthy friend of mine got very sick one time and I'll never forget what he told me. He said; “If you don't have your health, you don't have anything." It didn't ring so loud back then when he said it, but I get it now. He had plenty of money and luxury, but realized as soon as he got deathly ill, that he could not buy his health. Fortunately, he understood that fact, and implemented the necessary lifestyle changes. Some of us end up with a not so happy ending though. I nearly did myself. But like my friend, I rewrote the ending. I changed the outcome. You will do the same. You will rewrite your story too!